Siddharth (Sid) Gupta
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M.S. in Electrical Engineering and extensive experience in hardware and software design with FPGAs and embedded systems. Strong track record of involvement in end-to-end product cycle. Management experience of interdisciplinary teams.


Rice University, Houston, TX
M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2009, GPA 3.90/4.00
Thesis Title: WARPnet: A Platform for Clean-Slate Deployed Wireless Networks
B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2007, GPA 3.84/4.00, cum laude


Hardware: Cadence Design Tools, Xilinx Design Tools, System Generator, Verilog, Bill of Materials
Software: Object-Oriented Programming, Python, C/C++, Android SDK, Java, Javascript, MySQL, HTML/PHP
Misc: Linux, MATLAB, Logic Analyzers, Digital Scopes, Prototype Soldering, CAD design, MS Office

Technical Experience

Research Engineer at Center for Multimedia Communication, Rice University, Houston, TX, Sept '09 - present
Developed key hardware and software for wireless communication and mobile health devices as core team member of Wireless Open-Access Research Platform (WARP) and Scalable Health Initiative. WARP: Designed (schematics and layout) 18-layer PCBs for high-performance FPGA platforms Led design and component decisions from concept to production Coordinated with contract assembler to design hardware for manufacturability Tested, debugged and revised PCBs and specifications based on user feedback Architected and coded software framework to control a network of FPGAs in Python Presented and led hands-on technical workshops facilitating WARP adoption worldwide (100+ institutions) SHI: Led product design team for new health sensor platform Designed multi-layer PCBs and 3D-printed case for low-power embedded sensors Compiled firmware code for FPGAs and TI MSP430 processor to process and filter raw data Built mobile health devices and integrated with Android and web databases over Bluetooth Hardware successfully selected for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 World Finals Engineering Intern at Xilinx Inc., San Jose, CA, Summer '06
Revised and implemented a MIMO-OFDM communication system on an FPGA platform Demonstrated platform functionality to technical and non-technical audiences

Management Experience

Mentored over 15 interns and several undergraduate and graduate research team projects Coordinated and led weekly progress meetings with students and engineers Identified novel directions and deployment strategies of mobile devices Collaborated extensively in interdisciplinary teams of engineers, physicians, faculty and students

Honors and Awards

Herschel M. Rich Invention Award '09: Outstanding invention at Rice University for WARPnet Texas Instruments Fellowship: Awarded to select incoming graduate students Schlumberger Senior Design Award: Third-place among electrical engineering capstone projects WL Moody Jr. Scholarship in Engineering '06-'07: Awarded to outstanding engineering juniors President's Honor Roll (Spring '04, '06, Fall '04, '05, '06) Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical and Computer Engineering Honor Society) Member Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Certification


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