Siddharth (Sid) Gupta
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Below are links to hardware and software designs that I developed under two major initiatives -- the Scalable Health Initiative and the Wireless Open-Access Research Platform. Both initiatives are under the auspices of the Center for Multimedia Communication at Rice.

Scalable Health Initiative


I designed and led development of our first device, a spirometer to measure lung capacity. It consists of a mobile spirometer device and open interface API for Android.

Our device development is guided by several factors: user demographic behavior, clinical applicability, device robustness and ease of manufacture. All our designs and data are open-source.

Press: mobileSpiro was the hardware spirometer used for Team Dragon's spirometry game in the Microsoft Imagine Cup World Finals 2011. The team placed third, gaining plaudits on their tight integration with real hardware. ReadWriteWeb's article.

Wireless Open-Access Research Platform (WARP)

WARP is an open-source platform to test physical and MAC layer wireless algorithms.

I built the second generation of WARP hardware: the FPGA Board and Backdoor Board. The FPGA Board is the main processing powerhouse while the Backdoor Board enables parallel, reliable connectivity to control every board in a large deployed network. I also built a WARPnet software framework to leverage the Backdoor Board and provide a high-level Python interface to every experimental node in the system. As part of the core team I also handled user support and issued software feature updates based on user feedback.

All the boards above are commercially available (see WARP and Mango Communications, Inc.).